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About Me

Hi! My name is Rebecca Good (née McConnell). I am a freelance illustrator and Pulitzer Prize winning comic book colorist based in Milwaukee, WI. I'm best known for my color work on The Old Guard: Tales Through Time (Image), "How I Escaped A Chinese Internment Camp (, and the Let Her Be Evil Anthology.  In my career I've worked with clients across many fields, notably, HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Image Comics and I also like to create silly comics, and educational comics with a kid-friendly feel. When I'm not drawing or coloring, I enjoy petting my cat Vivian, and spending time watching cartoons with my husband Tom.

kelly sue.jpg

"Man, we loved doing this story. And Val and I got to work with @Purple_Draws

for the first time! Fantastic colorist and very professional. A+++ WILL COLLABORATE AGAIN" Link

Kelly Sue DeConnick

michael misconi.jpg


Did a fantastic job for us on Anne Bonnie Volume #3. Very professional and easy to work with." Link

Michael Misconi of Blue Juice Comics

Work History

Freelance Illustrator and Comic Colorist        (May 2013-Present)

> Creates illustrative imagery and designs for mobile games, comics, and tabletop games

> Creates mood and atmosphere for comics as a comics colorist

> Digital Client communication and management

> Lead generation and outreach

Before 2013:

Many many retail jobs.

Selected Clients: Comics

Scout Comics

Release Date: May 2023

Colorist for "Oswald and the Star Chaser" Issue 2-6

Release Date: Dec 28, 2021

Colorist for "How I escaped a Chinese Internment Camp"

Image Comics

Release Date May 26, 2021

Colorist for The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #2, and The Old Guard:Tales Through Time #4

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

September 2019-April 2020

Flatter for Paranorthern, middle grade graphic novel

Blue Juice Comics

July 2020- Jan 2021

Colorist for Issues 11-14 of Anne Bonnie

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> Board Game Illustration

> 2D illustration for interactive games and media

> Comic Colorist

> Sequential Artist and cartoonist

> Caricaturist
> 15+ years experience in Adobe Photoshop

> Competent in Clip Paint Studio
> 15+ years experience in Adobe Illustrator
> Excellent organizational and time management skills
> Friendly, personable, works well with others
> Self-motivated

Selected Clients: Tabletop Games

Mageling- The Expansion

Feb 2021- Ongoing

Client: Familiar Games

Contribution: Coloring

Dungeon Decorators

Feb 2019

Client: Jeff LaFlam

Contribution: Sell Image

Mar 2017
Client: David Abelson, Fisher Heaton Games
Contribution: Box Illustration

Please contact for additional references

Selected Clients: Video Games

Wandering Monster Studios
February 2021
Background art and UI for 3 Knaves

Client : Thomas Gutschmidt

Numbat Logic/Adam Clifton
August 2016
Creation of all art for Creature Sweeper


Please contact for additional references

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